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Scrap & surplus material

Removal & recycling


TMRS is a service provider to all companies & municipalities. We assist our clients in turning their “Trash into Cash”. We handle scrap materials, as well as surplus, new and used equipment. TMRS specializes in non-ferrous metals, but we can also facilitate the process of recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and various other materials that usually end up in the waste stream. We are a woman owned Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certified business.

Wire & Cable Stripping

Recycling Consultation


Burning & Torching


Warehouse Storage



Clean-up Projects

Transportation Services

Total Management Reclamation Services

TMRS advises and works collaboratively with organizations on means and methods to reduce or eliminate their waste stream and maximize the residual value of their surplus, obsolete and scrap materials. In this way, TMRS assists clients in enhancing the asset value of their materials. We also process materials through various methods such as sorting, stripping, chopping, and baling.

TMRS has the capability to process various types of oil filled equipment including distribution and pad mount transformers, regulators, capacitors, oil switches, etc. We also have the ability to handle sub-station equipment such as large power transformers, circuit breakers and more. TMRS has the capability to perform dismantling on location anywhere in the United States.

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Roll-Off Boxes

Various types and sizes for recycling purposes

Wire & Cable Stripping

Copper, Aluminum, ACSR & Lead Coated Cable


Large and small obsolete/scrap equipment